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"I didn't know what to expect when I first filled out the form but I'm glad I did. The annuity report I got from Annuity Alliance showed 3 different annuities that were way better than the one my broker was recommending and it had lower fees too! Do yourself a favor and always get a second opinion, especially when it comes to the biggest decision of your retirement!"

Patrick Thomas           Los Angeles, California

Just last week, 18,000+ people received a customized annuity report from us! Our annuity report containing rates and educational material is absolutely free and there is no obligation to buy. As these reports take several hours to complete, we ask that you provide us with correct information including a valid email address and phone number so that we may contact you if necessary.

Nathan Cruz    Chicago, Illinois

"The custom report I got from Annuity Alliance was great! It went into a lot of detail on the annuities that were the right fit for me. Rick from Annuity Alliance was professional and he took the time to go over the report with me so that I understood everything. I learned a lot and there was absolutely no pressure to buy. The report sure came in handy when I was finally ready to buy."

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With our large national network, Annuity Alliance representatives can negotiate and obtain the best annuity rates and the lowest fees for you. No other company can match our strength which ensures that you always get the best value for your money.

Annuity Alliance representatives work for you, the investor and not the insurance companies. This separation allows us to get you the very best annuity rates and products in your state since we’re not tied to any particular insurer.

We take pride in the amount of time we spend educating investors. It’s important to know what you’re buying as your decision today will have a dramatic impact on your retirement in the future. Learn from us and avoid making the costly mistakes that others have made when buying an annuity.

With Annuity Alliance you have access to all of the nation’s top insurance companies at your fingertips. We work closely with each one of them, comparing a wide range of annuities daily in the pursuit of finding the very best one. Along with providing you with the highest rates available on the market today, we will also provide you with a customized annuity report containing valuable annuity information to help educate you further.

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